Project Description

Genki Surfers

In the year XXII in Engine City, Genki Surfers is the most dangerous extreme sport in the world. Thousands of competitors enter and only 4 are chosen to compete against each other and against the Nitro champion to be crowned the fastest Genki Surfer in the world.

Project made with Fat Panda Games and RCK Games for mobile.



Team building
Creative direction.
Coordinate the art, programming, and production departments.
Oversee sprint planning, create and own the product backlog, and keep track of progress throughout sprints.
Create and own the Asset & Development Plan in consultation with the rest of the team.
Monitor other documentation and ensure its accuracy across the project.
Serve as scrum master.
Lead team through Sprint Reviews and Sprint Retrospectives, and document those conversations.
Plan and manage QA and user testing for each milestone.

Development Information

Team size: 1 (2 artists, 2 programmers, 1 game designer)
Production Duration: 4 months
Engine: Unity 5
Platform: iOs, Android