For 15 years, I’ve been creating nice stuff as a game designer and producer.
I’ve been playing video games all my life.

I studied graphic design and in the Santa Fe University of Art and Design had the chance to learn about motion graphics and storytelling, eventually working in video games made me know more about methodologies and administration which led me to study a Master in Business Innovation. I am passionate about creating video games for multiple platforms, from concept to final product. I believe that video games are the most important and revolutionary art and entertainment form of the 21st century.
I have 8 years of experience launching over 8 games, for clients and personal projects, like Flat Kingdom, winner of the VideojuegosMX by ESA, Pax Indie corner, etc.

I’m a passionate game and UX designer. I love lean innovation, design thinking, scrum, design patterns, gamification, typography and crafting optimized web and mobile products that make people happier.
I’ve worked on video games, animation, comics and hundreds of websites and applications, from small online shops to huge marketplaces.

I offer the services of game production, design, advergames, gamification, art production (art, trailers, music, writing) and development services.
I’m currently based in Merida Mexico, creating video games and helping companies improve the user experience of their products.
Having a designer and innovation background, I understand both the technical and design sides of a project or an application, which allows me to manage successful projects.